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Internet Weaponization Alert System

Get Notified Every Time the Internet is Being Weaponized Against You

Most people take a ‘free’ internet for granted while they don’t understand the extent of the attacks to which hundreds of millions of internet users are exposed on a daily basis. Through our I.W.A.S. we attempt to make them aware about this reality.

Online Personal and Family Security Service

Having an up-to-date antivirus MAY protect you from intrusive spam programs but it will not alert you about (and, thus, protect you from) weaponized information, misinformation and disinformation campaigns aimed at you and your family.

Compared to computer viruses and malware weaponized information and hostile psychological information campaigns are far more dangerous and have a much greater impact on your life. They are crafted with only one thing in mind: To control your mind, your way of thinking and your perception of the world around you. And sadly, dozens of new such attacks are launched every day by corporations positioned in the military and intel complex, by government agencies, by news media organizations and hackers.

With our Internet Weaponization Alert System you can now finally incorporate an online personal and family security service that will allow you to be alerted about new weaponized information, misinformation and disinformation attacks. Our I.W.A.S. will also alert you about any other hostile campaigns that are not necessarily considered information warfare.

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Bitwars I.W.A.S. is an online alert service, not a software or antivirus program.